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 rules of roleplay READ THIS FIRST!

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rules of roleplay READ THIS FIRST! Empty
PostSubject: rules of roleplay READ THIS FIRST!   rules of roleplay READ THIS FIRST! EmptyWed Jun 24, 2009 4:57 pm

okay ppl, here's how it works

after claiming your character you can go into any of the rooms in sanitarium island. Then you can make a post as to what your character is doing and/or where they are. MAKE SURE: that you type out what your character does or says in PARAGRAPH form, storytelling form, NOT SCRIPTED FORMAT! this is a semi-lit RP, you don't have to write a novel, just don't write like this....

johnny:blah blah blah

Jenny: blah blah blah

got it? okay goodie. and ofcourse there is the rule that you must keep your characters IN CHARACTER! so if your gonna say "luigi went frollicing through the flowers with is bunny named carl"....THEN YOU ARE WRONG! but if you say "luigi sat in the study, playing with his knife" then that's more like it. you can have the characters do silly things, just don't have them do things that they would never do.

and as for the custom characters, NO MARY-SUES!. which basically means that your character must have some depth and some realism. it must have flaws. If you need a better definition of a mary-sue or a gary-stu then click this link...

and getting back to writing style, please have accurate grammar, and do as best you can with spelling. like don't write the number 2 instead of the word too or to, but using the number like "there were 2 of them" that's okay.

also, please be wary as to follow the time line of events. everything that happens in the other rooms in the sanitarium island area, is connected. So please, if your character is doing something at the GeneCo building? don't go and put them in the park at the same time, unless they are communicating with someone there and you put at the top of your post "back at (wherever your character is)"

basically that's it, please enjoy the roleplay and HAVE FUN!!!! Very Happy

~Paviche the friendly RP admin
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rules of roleplay READ THIS FIRST!
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