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 I'm Sorry

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Kayden Omarii
Kayden Omarii

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I'm Sorry Empty
PostSubject: I'm Sorry   I'm Sorry EmptySat Sep 12, 2009 4:24 pm

All right, I hadn't posted in a while with my other account, mainly because I didn't have a need.

The topic I was focusing on was rather dead, so I became inactive. I don't know how to re-activate my account so I made a new one.

Please yell or get upset at me for having two accounts. I can't log in to my other one, because of my inactivity. I would love to still be apart of the forums, so please don't delete me. I'm really sorry for the inactivity.

If you can re-activate me, I'll delete this account and go my old one. If you can't, I'll just stay with this one.
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I'm Sorry
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