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 At Work Agine

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scalpel slut
scalpel slut

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PostSubject: At Work Agine   Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:27 am

Lexi was at work as a gentern doing task, Transfering organs to a different room. Today was a busy day for geneco... there was a BIG sale on some organs. So there was a lot of people in thelobbie so that ment genterns work TWICE as hard. All the largo's are at the building today to attract more attention and publicity, So if you steped out of place you would have to answer to them. Putting that aside Lexi grabbed a try holding 60 major organs, and was about to take them to the surgery room, when she trppied and accidently threw the organs out the window!!!! "WOO HOO." Came the voices of the regular people out the window recieving free organs. pale All the color left Lexi's face knowing her fate... either unemployment... or death. "O'SHIT." Lexi said as she looked out the window.
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At Work Agine
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