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 Joe's Apartment

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Joseph Cutting
Joseph Cutting

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PostSubject: Joe's Apartment   Joe's Apartment EmptyMon Jun 29, 2009 8:13 pm

Joe was bored, it was his day off. He didn't have to go and work a long 12 hour shift at the restaurant, he didn't have to go and practise dance routines over and over again at GeneCO. He was... bored.

He still had no friends in Sanitarium Island, he was always busy with work or rehersal, so on these rare off days, he had nothing to do.

An advert for Blind Mag's final performance at the Genetic Opera was blaring from the small TV in front of him.

But Joe wasn't watching the TV, his eyes were focused on the window. Being on the ground floor he could see the street through his window. A girl with bright pink hair and a what looked to be a heavily injured man appeared to run past the window and into the building.

Joe's eyebrows furrowed as he debated going to see if he could help or not. In the end he decided he would try and find out if the man was alright.

He left his apartment, taking his wrist communicator and keys with him. A flash of pink turned a corner and up the stairs. He followed slowly, soon finding himself outside a door on the third floor.

((Continued to Ivory's Apartment)
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Joe's Apartment
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