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 off with her head.

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Blind Mag
Blind Mag

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PostSubject: Re: off with her head.   Sat Jul 25, 2009 4:08 am

Mag took a deep breath and stared into the dimly lit mirror that sat on the table in front of her, Her complexion looked a little paler than usual and she tried to apply her make up with a shaking hand..
"Be brave mag.." She told herself... "You will soon be free of these chains"

With a slow and steady flick she applied her eyeliner when something caught her eye... There in the corner of the room sat on a small dressing table was a single white rose...
"I bet its from rotti" she told herself... "that intolerable insufferable..." when her own trail of thought was cut off as she read the card that was attatched with a purple silk ribbon.

"Dearest Mag, you know i only have Eyes for you dear... Remember keep your friends close and enemies Closer....."

She dropped the card and clasped her mouth with her hand.... Was that a THREAT? was it ADVICE? and who the hell from? a million thoughts rushing through her head when she caught the feignt smell of a familiar perfume....
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jasmine peach
jasmine peach

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PostSubject: Re: off with her head.   Sat Jul 25, 2009 8:52 pm

*from GeneCo*

Mag? Mag, I've been trying to get a'hold of you all day
It's me, Jasmine.
Darling i red the article, Please....PLEASE contact me soon,
im so worried darling,
Me and octavia harris are here outside the GeneCo building,
Were about to go confront rotti, i came by the opera house
to find you but luigi showed up and ratted me out,
Please get bck to me soon love.
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off with her head.
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